Dustin has been massaging since 2014. He is the founder and the leader of our sports massage team, NOCO Sports Massage Team.  Dustin's talents include deep tissue massage, injury rehabilitation, and sports massage. His knowledge of the muscles and the body will help ensure you will receive the best possible massage from him. He will modify your massage to suit your needs and help develop a treatment plan should you need one.

In his free time, Dustin enjoys riding his bicycle, running and working out.  In the fall of 2016, Dustin went on a bicycle tour he organized himself from Fort Collins to Daytona Beach, Florida. He and his friend rode their bikes to raise money for the American Cancer Society and it took just over a month to complete. They arrived to Florida just in time for Hurricane Matthew. He would be more than happy to share his adventure with you!  

Dustin's hobbies also include making and listening to music and creating and editing videos. Currently he is working with his girlfriend's son making a short, low budget film.

Schedule your appointment with Dustin and leave feeling like a new person!